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Eagle Island Resort Is One of The Best BC Cariboo Lake Resorts With RV Site Rentals And Camping Along Fishing Highway 24

At Eagle Island Resort, we’re home to one of the best RV camping experiences you’ll discover in the BC Cariboo along what is commonly called “The Fishing Highway”, Highway 24. Our recipe for quality family fun is very simple: mix absolutely breathtaking scenery with incomparable lakefront, on one of Supernatural British Columbia’s premier fishing lakes.

Our Cariboo resort provide the perfect blend of BC’s wonderful nature with the comfort of luxury amenities. In addition to some of the most amazing scenery that BC’s Cariboo has to offer, we provide comfy cabins, roomy campsites, brand new washrooms with hot showers, trophy fishing, kids playground, and safe swimming areas for the perfect family vacation experience!

RV site rental and camping in bc

A Lake Resort Experience You’ll Remember

When it comes to RV camping at BC lake resorts, Eagle Island Resort is unsurpassed in quality. Make your next vacation one to remember by visiting Eagle Island Resort.

Our year-round Cariboo camping resort is located directly off  Highway #24, which connects Little Fort to the East and 100 Mile House to the West. It’s the famed “Fishing Highway” and is only one hour and 15 minutes north of Kamloops – a modern city on the Trans Canada Highway.

The Best Place to Camp

For people who may not be quite familiar with the rustic summer pastime cherished by the residents of British Columbia, this is your perfect guide for Cariboo lake resorts in BC. According to definition, camping is the act of lodging temporarily, especially in an uncomfortable or inappropriate place. Some campers may not agree with this definition, while others don’t find any problems with it.

In the modern age, British Columbia is fortunate to have a wide range of luxuries that weren’t enjoyed by our ancestors, such as washing machines, toilets, roofs, beds and stoves. People can voluntarily abandon such luxuries and conveniences in the name of roughing it up. Many urbanites use this expression when they consider camping.

Setting up a camp in British Columbia’s Cariboo region can describe feelings of wholesomeness, relaxation and freedom. These feelings can be combined with convenience and comfort by choosing a high end BC lake resort in the Cariboo, while spending some part of the day at the camp.

Camping is considered a popular vacation in British Columbia. For first timers, this can be an exhilarating and memorable experience. However, since you don’t want yourself to be unprepared, it’s important to understand certain things about the region.

Camping in British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia has always been proud of a wide range of camping facilities, such as national parks, recreation sites, private campgrounds, RV parks, protected areas and provincial parks. A lot of campsites and lake resorts in the region are easily accessible by RVs and cars. Other campsites offer a rustic wilderness experience.

While setting up camp in the Cariboo, you can relax under the clear nightsky, around a campfire, and take a glimpse at the Canadian Rockies. You can also enjoy an RV adventure along the Alaska Highway. In fact, you can just climb into the tent at night, and listen to the sounds of the majestic Pacific Ocean.

British Columbia gives you an opportunity to combine camping with various activities, such as fishing, hiking, hot springs, historic sites and biking. You can either scout a single location or witness the beauty of different campsites on your driving tour.

Types of Campgrounds

In British Columbia, there are two categories of campgrounds – Privately Run and Government Run. All the Governments – Provincial parks, Federal parks and Regional municipalities – have campgrounds in their specific jurisdictions.

Finding valuable information about the public campground can be time consuming and tricky. However, you can find a lot of information about larger public campgrounds in the region. Most Government agencies have functional websites about these campgrounds.

Privately run sites like Eagle Island are always a better choice. Some resorts and campsites offer the best of both worlds. You can enjoy all the luxuries with a chance to relax in the peaceful atmosphere of British Columbia. Due to increasing competition, these sites also offer their services at affordable prices. Moreover, they have their own websites, just like ours, where you can book a package.

What Equipment Should You Carry?

It’s important to understand that most rentals come with all the basics you need. However, it’s always better to be prepared. Carrying a few extras always turns out to be a great idea. Here are some things you should consider carrying:

  • Folding Camp Chairs – In case you want to drive your RV for a while, these can be quite useful in claiming your campsite. Moreover, they will be perfect when you want to sit around the campfire.
  • Plastic Table Cloth – Your campground picnic tables will need something soft and clean to cover them up. Although you can eat in the RV, it’s nicer to eat outside, under the nightsky.
  • Flashlight – The importance of a flashlight can never be overlooked on a campsite. You may even need it to go to the washroom at night.
  • Plastic Tub for Dishes – Although most RVs have sinks, it’s better to carry a plastic tub for cleaning dirty dishes. In fact, the tub will allow you to easily carry them to your RV.

The Best Camping Season in British Columbia

When it comes to setting up camp in BC’s Cariboo region, Mid-May to early September is the best season. However, some sites are open throughout the year. July and August notice some heavy traffic because of the nice weather. For popular locations and public holiday weekends, you should make reservations.

If you are looking for an unrivalled experience for Cariboo lake resorts in BC or even camping along highway 24 “The Fishing Highway”, call Eagle Island Resort at 1-800-201-0032 to reserve your spot today.